Federal Reserve Policy: “Made in Japan”

Ron Paul's original staff economist, Dr. Gary North!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Leno Needles the IRS. Audience Applauds.
Now that he is leaving the Tonight Show, Jay Leno is showing his colors. This was choice. President Obama says he’s renewing his efforts to close Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay? How about closing the IRS? Why don’t we do that? [Thunderous applause] How about shipping the IRS to Guantanamo Bay? That’s what we, yes! That’s [...] READ MORE

Louis Armstrong and the Mills Brothers Stick It to the WPA (1940).
The Works Progress Administration was the largest of the New Deal’s make-work programs, employing millions of men at taxpayers’ expense. In this long-forgotten song, Satchmo and the great Mills Brothers have some fun at the expense of the WPA. Now wake up, boys, get out on the rock It ain’t daybreak, but it’s four o’clock [...] READ MORE

Hardly Anyone Lives in Rural America. Slightly More Are Leaving.
The London Financial Times ran a story on the decline in rural population. It promoted the story as if it were relevant. It isn’t. There was an increase of 134,000 people in rural areas last year. But 179,000 moved out. We are talking fewer than 50,000 people in a nation of 310,000,000. In short, marginal. [...] READ MORE

Freedom Fest: Great Video, Great Topic, and the Perfect Place to Meet
This is how to make a promo. It is a promotion for the major libertarian event of the year. This is “the gathering of the tribes.” Are We Rome? FreedomFest 2013 from Smooky on Vimeo. READ MORE

Federal Reserve Policy: “Made in Japan”
Gary North’s Reality Check The FED says it will inflate. Its major representatives keep saying this. To understand the Federal Reserve, we must understand how the Federal Reserve interprets the situation in Japan. The recently adopted inflationist policy in Japan has not yet worked. Business capital spending is down 5%, year to year. Sales were [...] READ MORE

Mission Accomplished: China Gets Half of Iraq’s Oil.
You may remember the promise of the neocons in 2003: America’s war with Iraq would be paid for by Iraqi oil. Besides, the war would cost only $50 billion — $60 billion, tops. The war cost $2.2 trillion — $3 trillion, tops — and the oil is being gobbled up by China. Oh, well, they [...] READ MORE

Semi-Automatic Rifles Reporting Mandated in Border States
“North of the border, down Mexico way.” The Obama Administration now requires gun dealers in states bordering on Mexico to report anyone who buys two semi-automatic rifles in a week’s time. A panel of three federal judges has upheld this. Gun dealers in these states are affected: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. The official [...] READ MORE

Fascist Housing: Making It Official
Housing policy in the United States has copied the fascist model for housing ever since 1934, when the FSLIC was set up: government-guaranteed savings and loans. This was part of the well-named National Housing Act. It subsidized middle-class housing by guaranteeing Federal Savings and Loans against “bank runs.” The essence of economic fascism is simple: [...] READ MORE

De-Postal Monopoly: Feinstein’s Sweetheart’s Deal
Fact #1: Senator Diane Feinstein is married to the CEO of the largest commercial real estate services firm in the U.S. Fact #2: The U.S. Postal Service is going bust, because it can no longer compete. It has a monopoly, but it’s market is shrinking. Fact #3: The U.S.P.S. is selling off 41 post offices [...] READ MORE

No Way to Stop 3D Guns, Says Homeland Security.
The advent of 3D printers has created consternation for the Department of Homeland Security. In a memo, it admits that this new technology poses overwhelming problems for the suppression of gun ownership. Here are highlights from the memo, which was issued by the Joint Regional Intelligence Center. “Significant advances in three-dimensional (3D) printing capabilities, availability [...] READ MORE
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