Christian Bakers May Face Jail For Refusing Gay Cake Order

Firewire from THE BLAZE June 07, 2013
Christian Bakers May Face Jail For Refusing Gay Cake Order
Should bakers and other vendors be allowed to refuse service to gays and lesbians, specifically when it comes to marital ceremonies? “No,” argues one gay couple who have filed a discrimination complaint against a Colorado baker who refused to provide them with a wedding cake. See if the bakers actually could go to jail for saying "no" HERE.
Three Congressman Who Are Publicly Very Unhappy With The IRS
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee convened Thursday for a hearing on the Internal Revenue Service’s posh, multi-million dollar employee conferences. And at least three committee members (including one democrat) were extremely unhappy with the Treasury report and told IRS chief Danny Werfel and former small business division deputy Faris Fink as much during the hearing. Watch the clips HERE.

The National Security Agency and FBI are interested in more than just your phone records — they are also interested in your audio, video, photographs, emails, documents, and connection logs, according to a bombshell report from The Washington Post. Get the details that have many people very concerned about their privacy HERE.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, Libertarian-conservative Republican and frequent contributor to TheBlaze.  In the second part of his 'Ghost of Columbia' series, Mr. Root talks about a legendary history professor from Columbia University who cannot seem to remember Barack Obama. Read the opinion piece HERE.

Many magazines publish intentionally controversial or inflammatory covers in order to generate sales or word-of-mouth advertising. With the release of its most recent issue, it looks like The Economist is getting in on the spark-controversy-with-an-incendiary-cover game. See the surprising cover HERE.

Thursday, theBlaze, a 24/7 news, opinion and entertainment network, announced that it has been added to RCN, MCTV and Sky Angel’s FAVE TV, making it available on 5 of the top 25 television providers nationwide. Learn how you can get TheBlaze on your TV HERE.
Car Thieves Using A 'Universal Remote' Have Stumped Police
The thief walks right up to the locked SUV parked in the driveway. It’s hard to see, but police say he aims something at the passenger-side door. Just like that, the lock clicks, the lights come on and the thief is in the car. Then, an accomplice shows up and does the same thing to the other car in the driveway, all captured by security camera. Watch the "Today Show" report on this story and see cops admitting that they are "stumped" by the video-captured thievery HERE.
Glenn Beck Given 'Freedom of Speech' Award From 'Talkers' Mag
Thursday, Glenn Beck received the Freedom of Speech award from Talkers Magazine in New York City. In the theme of the award, Beck discussed freedom of speech and how he believes that the constitutional right is under attack “from both the left and the right.” He also addressed some of the things he has said in the past. Watch the speech HERE.

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In 2006, the ACLU posted a video warning people about the coming threat to personal privacy. The clip, called "Ordering A Pizza In 2015" shows the potential danger of too much information being available online. Watch the chilling clip HERE.

50+ Maps Showing The Very Curious Way Americans Talk
Have you ever wondered which parts of the U.S. say “soda” and which parts say “pop”? Have you ever wondered which areas pronounce pecan as “PEE-can” and which areas pronounce it “pee-KAHN”? Joshua Katz, a Ph. D student in statistics at North Carolina State University, has created 105 charts  detailing the differences in American speech. We selected a few of our favorite maps that show the difference in the way Americans talk and refer to everyday objects and events. See the maps HERE.
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