Oh, great! Now DOGS part of black-on-white violence

Oh, great! Now DOGS part of black-on-white violence

This is NOT Martin Luther King Jr's dream ...
A pair of pit bulls sicced on a white woman -- a "white b**ch," according to the dogs' black owner -- without provocation.
But this is a story with a happy ending.
Finally, the press could no longer ignore the obvious. Here's why ...
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Officials in this Florida city are proving once again abortion-on-demand -- a right conjured out of the penumbra of the Constitution -- can only exist by crushing rights clearly spelled out in the Bill of Rights.
But they may have made a huge mistake this time.
They picked a fight with someone who has already whipped Eric Holder ...
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Who's looking over Hollywood's shoulder?

By any measurement, movies have gone down hill in the morality department, but a surprising fact is ...
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  • Google, Facebook, Apple 'participate knowingly' with NSA
  • NYT: Administration 'now lost all credibility'
  • Trey Gowdy gives IRS emotional dressing down
  • 'Gays' part ways with lesbian charged for sex with minor

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