Ice from McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks and others more bacteria-ridden than toilet water

Firewire from THE BLAZE June 06, 2013
Were Your Personal Phone Records Grabbed By The Gov't?
Millions of Americans’ phone records are being indiscriminately collected every day by the National Security Agency (NSA), according to a copy of an alleged "top secret" court order leaked to The Guardian. The alarming discovery seems to reveal the scale of domestic surveillance under the Obama administration. Get the latest on this disturbing story HERE.
Guess How The White House Is Defending Snooping On You?
On Thursday, the White House defended the National Security Agency’s need to collect telephone records of U.S. citizens, calling such information “a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats.” But wait, there's more. The White House is also NOT confirming if they are actually doing what they are defending in that earlier statement. Get the full story HERE.

There was no shortage of awkward moments when Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott and TV host Megyn Kelly clashed during an on-air debate surrounding the contentious Internal Revenue Service hearing. Kelly, who already shared her outrage while the hearing was happening, proceeded to confront the politician about his stance on the matter. Watch the segment HERE.

Former New York Times investigative reporter Judith Miller says President Barack Obama is criminalizing reporting and that he’s getting away with it because he’s a Democrat and African American. Read the rest of Ms. Miller's comments HERE.

Many people are outraged after seeing the video a mother posted showing her daughter's accident. The clip (which is disturbing to some) shows a teen girl who broke both of her feet after jumping off a roof and landing on concrete instead of the intended swimming pool. However, it is what the mom did after posting the video that has many people upset. See the reason people are annoyed HERE.

The Obama administration’s narrative that the targeting of conservatives by the IRS was the work of “low-level” agents in Cincinnati took another serious blow Thursday when the Wall Street Journal released a new report citing viewed transcripts of interviews with those agents in which they name names of those in Washington who oversaw the action. Get the whole story HERE.
Read This Study And You'll Never Look At Ice Cubes The Same Way
A new investigation by The Daily Mail claims ice from McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks and other fast food chains was more bacteria-ridden than toilet water. In fact, 6 out of the 10 restaurants they tested had high levels of bacteria in the ice. If you dare, click HERE.
Update: 'The Lord's Prayer' Valedictorian Explains Why He Did It
The story of a high school valedictorian from South Carolina who, to the surprise of his graduation audience, invoked God and uttered the Lord’s prayer, has gone viral. Roy Costner IV spoke with TheBlaze about his speech and the public’s intense reaction to it. Read this Blaze Original HERE.

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No matter what the conditions, hitting a target at 1,000 yards with any gun requires some serious skill. But hitting a target at 1,000 yards with a Barrett M107 .50 cal rifle off-hand (standing up without support of a rest) is just flat-out incredible. Watch this ex-Army Ranger do just that HERE.

Six Minutes Of Powerful Footage Mark The 60th D-Day Anniversary
It has been 69 years since the beaches of Normandy were stormed by Allied soldiers on what’s famously known as “D-Day.” A full day of ceremonies, including fireworks, concerts and marches, is planned across Normandy, France, Thursday in honor of the 150,000 troops, mainly US, British and Canadian, who risked or gave their lives on June 6, 1944, in the liberation of German-occupied western Europe during World War II. Watch a six-minute tribute to D-Day HERE.
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