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The greatest need in Jesus’ church is true revival. There is no need to be lukewarm anymore! Heroes of Faith will energize your faith in Christ as Pastor Doug lifts up genuine heroes of the Bible.

The event begins Friday, Oct. 2, at 7:00pm ET. (See full program schedule here.)

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The Devastating Implications of Futurism

From Protestant-Historicism to Jesuit-Dispensationalism / Futurism (Christianity Hijacked)

Hagmann and Hagmann Report with Gregg Jackson Exposed During Their Break 9/3/15

Doug Hagmann can be heard during their 1st break saying he went to a Catholic Jesuit Seminary! While exposing the Jesuit Pope's blatant claim to be able to forgive women's sins for aborting their babies, showing they know the truth about the Pope, Vatican and Jesuit Order and their unbiblical Anti-Christ teachings while suppressing the truth rather than exposing it to the public! More was said and learned during this break than listening to the entire show! Only Jesus forgives sins and died for everyone's sins!

Original Video can be seen at: where it starts around the 55 minute mark.

7 Year Tribulation Rapture Deception Coming Soon

'The Great Controversy' shows up in Mailboxes Across Philadelphia ahead of Papal visit

A mystery book has landed in about 700,000 mailboxes in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)-A religious book is showing up in mailboxes across Philadelphia and most residents are finding it pretty mysterious. The book is called ‘The Great Controversy.’ Most people who've gotten it say they have no idea why it was sent to them.

"I thought it was kind of odd actually to get a book in your mail," said George Jackels. He's one of many people on his block in South Philly who received a book by surprise in the mail.

"Most of the guys I know threw it in the trash but I figured I'd give it a shot," joked Jackel.

The book is called "The Great Controversy".

"It's got a lot of bible quotations and captions in it," said Jackels.

It landed in mailboxes all around the city with subtitles like "Past and Present" and "How will it end?" written on the cover beneath the title.

"I don't know where it came from," said Jackels.

We made some phone calls to find out about the mystery book.  It was sent by Remnant Publications which is a non for profit Christian ministry. The CEO says they paid the U.S. Postal Service to send out mass numbers of the book, the CEO says, just like any mass mailing including junk mail.  The company says the original book was written in the 1850's by a woman named Ellen White who died in 1915.  Several versions of the book have come out since then.

"I got it Thursday," said Anthony Cook. He plans on reading it even though he's unclear what it's about.

"It's always something that we need to know so it's a positive thing. Anything with knowledge or wisdom I can definitely work with that," said Cook.

Symone Gladden-Gonzales is unfazed.

"I don't think it's strange but sometimes you know it seems like to me that since everyone is getting it they want to get a message across.
"Now I might read it too because now I see everyone's getting it and I want to see what it's talking about," she said.

The publisher says the book is funded solely through donations. It's been mailed in other places like Manhattan, Charlotte and Washington D.C.