Amazing Facts: Heroes of Faith is one week away!

Amazing Facts  
  Heroes of Faith Begins October 2 Just 1 Week Away  
  Share the Promise of Revival  

The greatest need in Jesus’ church is true revival. There is no need to be lukewarm anymore! Heroes of Faith will energize your faith in Christ as Pastor Doug lifts up genuine heroes of the Bible.

The event begins Friday, Oct. 2, at 7:00pm ET. (See full program schedule here.)

How to Watch
Watch on AFTV, 3ABN, or online at (See MORE viewing options here.)

Awesome FREE Resources
At, we’ve loaded up on great resources for you, guests, and kids!
  • Downloadable workbook, nightly activity pages for kids, and more! Click here to download!
  • Advertising resources (web banners, flyers) to get the word out! (Click here for free downloads!)
  • Email Invites for family and friends! (Click here to invite your loved ones!)
Share the word and forward this email to all your friends! Visit to learn more.

We’ll see you soon!
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