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Catholicism’s Happy Face Masks Same Old Bondage

Battle Cry - Issue Date: September/October 2014

This old picture shows the Virgin Mary goddess comforting the writhing figures paying for their sins in the fires of purgatory. Pictures may change over time but unbiblical doctrine hasn’t.
Evangelicals who are enamored with the smiling face of the new Jesuit pope should perhaps take advantage of his new offer. Eager to bridge the technology gap with hip followers, Pope Francis I has decreed “time off purgatory” to anyone who follows the pope’s tweets on Twitter. Anyone who cares to notice will see that Rome’s web of spiritual bondage is still intact behind the new Vatican campaign for “unity.”

If purgatory is real, where sins are paid for by personal suffering, then Catholicism has another “christ.” The Christ of the Bible “paid it all,” leaving us to only receive the free gift of salvation. Otherwise, if eternal life depends on our paying for it by our own suffering, it is no longer free.  Catholicism’s christ is inadequate for justification by faith.

If purgatory is real, then John 3:16 is wrong, Ephesians 2:8-9 is wrong, Romans 6:23 is wrong, etc. Thus, Catholicism cannot claim to have the true gospel; it can only qualify under Paul’s definition of “another gospel.” (See Galatians 1.)

Once we lift this trap door into the dark tunnels of Roman Catholic bondage, where do we stop? If we explore the cavern of purgatory further, we find Martin Luther’s objection to the sale of “indulgences,” basically get-out-of-purgatory-free cards. Those who claim that Catholicism has changed need to know that indulgences are still available for those who climb the Sacred Steps in Rome (reportedly brought from Pilate’s house after Jesus scaled them during His trial). Or, attendance at events like World Youth Day, can also get you time off purgatory. 

Connected to the dark cave of purgatory is the tunnel of “auricular” confession. Here again, the Catholic christ needs a little help. Repentance before Jesus is replaced by “priest confessors,” who somehow have the power to forgive sin provided you make a “good confession.”

This leads to a bigger cavern of priestcraft. God ripped open the temple veil giving us direct contact to God through the priesthood of Jesus thus eliminating the need for human priests. Catholicism makes the bogus claim that the pope and the hierarchy simply continues the Old Testament priesthood. Catholicism gains additional control by inserting the priests between God and the people.

Like all the other false religions, Roman Catholicism is all about bondage and control. Unscriptural infant baptism starts the process. Confirmation initiates loyalty to the church, not Jesus. Regular Mass attendance is essential to maintain favor with the wafer-god they call Jesus, without which, eternal life is in jeopardy. A marriage is void unless blessed by the “church” which includes pledging to raise children in the “church.” Celibacy of priests and nuns denies them a family, leaving them no escape from the “church.”

If a “good confession” (last rites) is not made just before death, any unforgiven sin must be paid for with torment in purgatory. However, only minor (venial) sins are “purged” there. So-called “mortal” sins consign one directly to hell.

Nowhere in this system is the poor Roman Catholic granted assurance of eternal life. Presuming so is actually a sin: the “sin of presumption.” This is definitely not the “good news” John talked about in 1 John 5:13.

Bible believers, we must speak up against the lie that this Roman Catholic cult is just another “denomination,” with a different worship style. We must help them see that they have a false gospel, a non-biblical Jesus, and “come out” of Rome’s trap (Rev. 18:4).

Chick Publications has many tracts and books to help you rescue these precious people and put the spotlight on the trap door of “unity.”

Ferguson, MO: Militarized Police

By Pastor Hal Mayer on Aug 31, 2014 03:01 pm
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Militarized police are become more common in the United States. The most recent example is the “overwhelming militarized response of the local police forces to the protests over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager” in Ferguson, Missouri.  On August 17, Police vehicles, including armored SWAT carriers and armored tactical vehicles blocked some of the main streets in Ferguson. The officers had assault rifles, riot gear, and wore full camouflage uniforms (as if this would be needed in a suburban setting). Meanwhile about 150 protestors held their hands up to symbolize non-violent compliance. They had been peacefully marching, singing hymns and handing out flyers with Bible verses on justice and mercy. Adults, children and even people in wheelchairs observed the peaceful protests and the police over-reaction.
First the police ordered the crowd to leave the area then fired teargas canisters and flash-bang grenades into the crowd as the line of police vehicles began to move toward the retreating crowd. Chaos erupted as many in the terrified crowd panicked.
But Ferguson is not the only place where this is seen. Since September 11, 2001, the Federal Government has spent billions of dollars to arm local police forces with military grade equipment, weapons and ammunition. Counties in many places across the nation now have tanks with 360-degree gun turrets, with .50 caliber bullets that can knock a hole in a building several blocks away. Some are getting drones, Humvees, ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) and other equipment that is best suited for a battlefield, not America’s communities. Even police departments of small, out-of-the-way places and university campuses have benefited from the government largess. And the federal handouts have brought the local police departments increasingly under federal control.
The disturbing trend has been at the expense of key American principles of law and human rights, if not the U.S. Constitution itself, and is making America’s streets look like a war zone at times of stress. The separation of military and police powers has been a key principle of American freedom. Merging them has served to intimidate rather than to protect and service its citizens.
President Obama ordered a review of the military equipment supplied to the police. But it is easy for law enforcement officials to mistake their calling to protect their communities and treat them as battlefields. It was the military that was violent on August 17, not the protestors. Yes, there had been protestor violence, but using the weapons of occupation and oppression only served to make matters worse.
The militarization of the police is one of many developments that will probably be used eventually to oppress with God’s faithful people who keep all of His commandments when religious laws are enacted to enforce compliance with laws that conflict with the law of God. Their trust in God must be complete and invincible.
“It is a perilous time now. If this land of boasted liberty is preparing to sacrifice every principle which enters into her Constitution, making decrees to suppress religious freedom, and for the enforcing of papal falsehood and delusion, then the people of God need to present their petitions in faith to the Most High. There is every encouragement, in the promises of God, for those who put their trust in Him. The prospect of being brought into personal danger and distress, need not cause despondency, but should quicken the vigor and hopes of God’s people; for the time of their peril is the season for God to grant them clearer manifestations of His power.” Selected Messages, Vol. 2, page 370

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Pope Sends Message to Waldensian Methodist Synod in Italy

By Pastor Hal Mayer on Sep 01, 2014 11:00 am
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Pope Francis sent a message to the Waldensian-Methodist annual synod held 24-29 August 2014 in Torre Pellice, Italy. The Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin signed the telegram on behalf of the pope. The letter offered the Waldenses the pope’s “fraternal greeting” and assured the synod delegates of his spiritual closeness during their discussions.
In language that would have deeply offended the Waldenses persecuted by the Catholic Church in the 11th to the 13th centuries, the message said that the pope, “prays that the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, grant to all Christians progress on the path towards full communion, to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ and to offer the light and strength of His Gospel to the men and women of our time.”
The Waldensian Church historically refused to accept the papal teaching on the Virgin Mary, and would certainly not have seen her as co-redemptrix of Christ and co-mediatrix with Christ. The Waldensian church should repudiate such a message with historical piety. But that probably didn’t happen in this ecumenical age.
Pope Francis has been reaching out to many Protestant and charismatic groups in the hopes that they will seek full communion with Rome. Full communion involves Rome’s sacraments including the mass, which was especially odious and abominable to these ancient Christians.
The Waldensian church has 50,000 members including 15,000 in Argentina and Uruguay and a few scattered elsewhere around the world.
Will the Sunday-keeping Waldenses eventually fall for the ecumenical appeal of Pope Francis? It remains to be seen. But the Bible says that all that dwell upon the earth will worship the beast. That includes the Waldenses if they do not follow its principles in their worship.

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