Do Blacks and the Left Really Believe This?

June 6, 2013
In My Opinion
Do Blacks and the Left Really Believe This?
By: Dennis Prager
Here is a contemporary political truth: Every time you think that the left and its political party have hit moral bottom, they will eventually prove you wrong. The most recent example occurred last week in Louisiana. The head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans, stood before her colleagues in the state Senate and announced the reason people oppose Obamacare. "You ready?" she asked three times. It is President Obama's color.
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The Weekly Feed
Taking Back the Narrative
By: BJU Press
Every country and culture thrives on story. Bolstered by narrative, the world is itselfa narrative of the age-old struggle between good and evil. But the main Storyteller is being supplanted by other, lesser storytellers. God and His commandments are being taken out of the picture, and the stories of our children’s lives are being rewritten with a secularist slant. How is this happening? In their classrooms, on TV and the internet, and at the mall, children are being taught—blatantly and subtly—three major ideas:
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Bill Bennett

Bill spoke with David Gelernter about the scandals enveloping the Obama administration and what it means for the country and politics.
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Mike Gallagher

Mike talks about Obama's recent appointment of Susan Rice as the new National Security Adviser.
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Dennis Prager

Traditional dating is dead or dying. So what has replaced it? And is it a step forward or back?
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Michael Medved

Michael discusses the Science and Culture Update about academic freedom.
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Hugh Hewitt

Hugh mixes it up with Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer over her veto of a religious freedom bill.
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Greg Clugston
White House Correspondent
SRN Correspondent Greg Clugston keeps you informed about all the news coming from the White House.
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Linda Kenyon
Capitol Hill Correspondent (Senate)
Reporting from Capitol Hill, Linda Kenyon has updates on what's going on in the Senate.
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SRN Correspondent Wally Hindes reports the latest events from Capitol Hill.
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Commentary Magazine
The Exploding IRS Scandal
By: Peter Wehner
Yesterday’s congressional hearings turned out to be a disaster for the IRS and, more broadly, for the Obama administration. We’re now hearing from real people (see here and here) who are telling real stories about real harassment. It’s all quite chilling, from efforts to intimidate donors and illegally releasing tax returns, to pressuring pro-life groups not to protest outside of Planned Parenthood organizations, to demanding to know about the prayer activities of citizens.
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The Wall Street Journal
Obama's Inspector General Negligence
By: Joseph Schmitz
With so many scandals breaking in Washington, one may well ask: Where were all the inspectors general when these bad things—at the IRS, at Justice, and at State before, during and after Benghazi, for instance—were going on? Where were the presidential appointees who, since the Inspectors General Act of 1978, are meant to root out gross mismanagement, fraud and other abuses at their federal departments and agencies, or among those whom the agencies regulate? The sad truth is that in the Obama administration many of the most important IGs mandated by Congress simply are not in place.
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Unless We Change Some Things, America Will Eventually Go Broke
By: John Stossel
Europe’s struggles prove that “austerity” fails! So say the Big Spenders. With a condescending sigh, they explain that Europe made deep cuts in government spending, and the result was today’s high unemployment. “With erstwhile middle-class workers reduced to picking through garbage in search of food, austerity has already gone too far,” writes Paul Krugman in The New York Times. One problem with this conclusion: European governments didn’t cut! If workers pick through garbage, cuts can’t be a reason, since they didn’t happen.
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