Apple Removes Another Christian App For Promoting Biblical Truth

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Where In Bible Prophecy Is The US?
America's China Mistake
As Beijing becomes more bellicose, Washington clings to the hope that military-to-military relations will somehow relieve tensions. They won't ....  Click here for full story
The Apple Corporation has recently pulled from its iTunes store a mobile app created by Setting Captives Free, a nondenominational ministry which offers free courses aimed at helping users battle "habitual sins," such as sexual impurity, substance abuse, self-injury, and gambling .......  Click here for full story
Israel- God's Timepiece  
Moses Finally Vindicated By Israeli Oil
Ever since Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt critics have grumbled he took the wrong road by going through Sinai on the way to the Promised Land and thus missing the petrochemicals and oil fields in the area. Since its establishment, Israel has drilled more than 400 wells in unsuccessful efforts hoping to find oil ....  Click here for full story
Russia's S-300 missile system could dramatically change the stakes in the Syrian conflict if it is sent to Damascus, which Russia has signed a contract to do ....  Click here for full story
Islam is on track to become the dominant religion in Britain within the next generation, according to new census data published by the British government .... Click here for full story
Would you wear an electronic tattoo if you couldn’t log on to the Internet without one? That may sound crazy to many of you, but the technology for such a system already exists. RFID tattoos have existed for quite some time, and they are already being used on animals ....  Click here for full story
Increase In Knowledge And Technologies
The Biometrics Boom
New technology can identify you by unique traits in your eyes, your voice, and your gait. Is there cause for alarm?  .....  Click here for full story

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