Pentagon Blocks Access To Southern Baptist Homepage

Firewire from THE BLAZE June 05, 2013

Even though America’s home-schooled students have proven that they are accomplished and successful, the Left continues to wage a battle against home education. And these attacks aren’t new. Progressives first made the case in the early 20th century that government control trumps the rights of parents. What will the assault look like in the 21st century? This exclusive report on the Progressive attack on home education rights is available only in TheBlaze Magazine. Want to read more?  Click here to get the rest of this article and the entire issue absolutely FREE!

The debate over what makes “good art” is never-ending. But what about art that serves a larger, positive purpose—art that is, indeed, good? A new brand of conservative artists are drawing upon faith, freedom and life to give a traditional tone to modern art and send a needed message about the America they love. See the artwork and meet the artists in the June issue of TheBlaze Magazine. Get this issue now and for FREE! 

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The President’s signature legislation, ObamaCare, had threatened states with the loss of federal funding if they refused to expand Medicaid. Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck down the legislation’s coercion, which made the expansion optional for the states—a battle governors and legislatures nationwide continue to wage. But as is true of pretty much all government programs, Medicaid needs to be reformed, not inflated. We reveal the 10 states that stand to be the biggest losers under the current Medicaid expansion plan. The full list is in the next issue of TheBlaze Magazine. Subscribe Now and get the June issue FREE!

Why did the Pentagon block military members’ access to a Southern Baptist website? That is the question that some are asking after military members on U.S. bases were blocked from visiting, the official website of the Southern Baptist Convention. Find out the full story in the newest issue. Get it for FREE, click HERE.

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the daytime ladies gabfest "The View," recently told viewers that, following a recent event at her home, she and her family decided to get a gun to protect themselves. Not surprisingly, co-host Barbara Walters tried to talk her out of it. However, you'll never guess who came the defense of private gun ownership. Check it out in the June 2013 issue of TheBlaze Magazine HERE.

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