Federal Power Grab: Standing Army and Civil Disturbances

June 3, 2013
Obama to sign Arms Trade Treaty
Barack Obama is the most anti-gun president in American history. Not only has he continually urged Congress to craft legislation to disarm us and destroy our Second Amendment rights, he has also done - and is doing - everything he can to achieve the same ends on his own without Congress. Remember his twenty-three anti-gun “executive actions” on the 16th of January?

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The Liberal Onslaught Against Kelly Ayotte
We ought to get perspective on the real nature of the most recent push on gun control, initiated out of the White House. This is classic bait-and-switch politics, characterized by what current Chicago mayor, and former Obama chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel once called “never let a crisis go to waste.”

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Renewable energy’s reversal of fortune
“They told us the wind turbines were going to be good for the city; that our electric rates would go down. But that hasn’t happened. They keep putting up more and more of them and they are getting closer to the neighborhoods where you hear the noise all night while you are trying to sleep. Plus,” Monica told me last week during my Palm Springs vacation, “they look horrible; like a junk yard. It totally ruins our mountain views!”

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Federal Power Grab: Standing Army and Civil Disturbances
In Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the Congressional appropriation of money for funding the Army is limited to two years. There is no limitations on funding the Navy, and in fact the Congress is instructed in the next clause to “provide and maintain a Navy.” The Founding Fathers feared a standing army. Yes, an army is needed for the common defense of the nation, in order to protect the union, and the sovereign States, from foreign invaders. However, the fears of the federal government growing into a tyranny, and using the standing army against the citizenry, was a reality.

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Easy fix to IRS corruption
Sir John Dalberg-Acton famously observed, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” No federal agency enjoys more power than the “absolute power” wielded by the Internal Revenue Service. It’s little wonder, then, that under this power-drunk Obama regime, the IRS has become “corrupted absolutely.” It’s become the hammer to this president’s favorite nail: political dissent.

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Americans feeling the pain of the lefts misguided energy policies
A few years ago Americans were introduced to “Green Companies” with cutting edge and promising names like: Solyndra, Fisker, Abound Solar and many others. All of them were the recipients of government backed loans and almost all of them have gone bankrupt leaving the American taxpayer holding the bag for billions.

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In the clutter of all the bad news that is reported on a daily basis – namely the things that are going wrong, that which is negative to and even counterproductive to the freedoms America now possesses – out of nowhere pops up a story of how blessed America truly is, by capturing the goodness of God, even when we forget all of His benefits (Psalm 103) and the grace that has been shed abroad upon this most blessed nation by His Son Jesus Christ.

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Biometric Database tucked inside Gang of Eight immigration bill
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Criticism of IRS grows amid allegations of targeting beyond Tea Party
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North American Federation: Secretary Napolitano, Canadian officials meet
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Is the Necessary and Proper Clause either Necessary or Proper?
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“Does History Repeat Itself?”
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Are backroom sue-and-settle deals actually sweetheart lawsuits?
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