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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 09, 2013
355-Page Report Reveals Radical College Curriculum
Bowdoin President Barry Mills reportedly engaged in a golf game during the summer of last year with philanthropist and investor Thomas Klingenstein who, while not being a graduate of Bowdoin, was himself interested in the college’s approach to education. The result was an apparently awkward conversation during which Klingenstein complained of Bowdoin’s excessive celebration of “racial and ethnic difference,” in his words, rather than of “common American identity." See the shocking report HERE.
Dad Says Son's School Is Teaching There's No Right To Bear Arms
A Connecticut father is accusing his son’s school district of teaching children that Americans do not have a constitutional right to bear arms. Steven Boibeaux of Bristol, Connecticut, is claiming that his child, an eighth-grader at Northeast Middle School, was given a social studies worksheet that is anti-Second Amendment in nature — or, at the least, opposed to the conservative view of the provision. Get the details and see a copy of the actual worksheet HERE.

This weekend, an email written by Ron Trowbridge, the undersheriff of Prowers County, Colorado, began to sweep some of the viral corners of the internet. The e-mail alleges that a Colorado State Police training encouraged law enforcement officials to look at Bible-believing Christians with intense skepticism. Get the full story on this shocking training HERE.

On Monday, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly hosted Newtown parent Mark Mattioli, whose son was tragically gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary, to discuss the ongoing gun control debate. The interview became so overwhelmingly emotional at one point that Mattioli broke down in tears while Kelly struggled to keep it together. See the segment HERE.

Baroness Margaret Thatcher was well-known throughout the free world for her fierce conservatism and her opposition to the “Evil Empire,” two noble qualities that separated her from many of her U.K. colleagues. But did you know that she also had some frighteningly accurate economic predictions? Check them out HERE.

An elaborate hoax setup to trick followers of Pastor Joel Osteen into believing that he has left Christian ministry is capturing a fair bit of attention. The ploy apparently gained so much steam that a representative felt the need to respond to inquiries on the preacher’s official Twitter account, writing, “It is a false rumor: Pastor Joel is not leaving the church.” Watch the fake news report that appeared on the hoax website HERE.

Hannity Panel Of Black Conservatives Bashes The Left
Doctor Benjamin Carson, the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, says he wasn’t subjected to “name-calling” because of his conservative views before respectfully offering an alternative to President Obama’s health care plan at the National Prayer Breakfast.  Now, he is regularly referred to with vile words, ones so vile, they can’t be repeated on air. According to a group of black conservatives who appeared on Sean Hannity's Show on Monday night, this is not uncommon. Watch the video HERE.
Brad Paisley's New Song 'Accidental Racist' Has Some Up In Arms 
Country music star Brad Paisley has a new single out titled “Accidental Racist” and it’s ruffling some feathers. In the song, Paisley talks about wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag on it as a symbol of “Southern pride,” not because he is racist. Read the lyrics, watch the video and share your opinion on the controversial song HERE.

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We think laughter is a vital component to each day. That's the main reason we're sharing this video featuring the same skiing mishap over and over, just with different music underneath it. Watch, laugh, and enjoy HERE. 

Man Thinks He Bought Toy Poodles...They're Ferrets On Steroids!
Bazaar salesmen in Argentina apparently think customers are pretty gullible. Reportedly, the salesmen have been passing off ferrets on steroids as toy poodles. Unfortunately, some people really are that easily fooled and have purchased the modified ferrets. Can this be real? Watch the video HERE.
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