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Latest From Ben Crystal April 13, 2013
Revenge of the RINOsRevenge Of The RINOs »
And McCain shall lead them. Obama grooves in the graveyard. And where's Weiner? All this — plus — Out, damned spot! Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It's The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™More »

Personal Liberty News

The Battle To Define Marriage The Battle To Define Marriage »
Rush Limbaugh said that allowing gay marriage in America is now “inevitable.” Do you agree? The popular talk-show host told his radio audience the issue was lost when the word “marriage” was redefined. It is amazing to me how quickly sentiment on this issue has changed. More »

DHS Suggests Christians, Constitutionalists Should Get Extra Surveillance From LEOs DHS Suggests Christians, Constitutionalists Should Get Extra Surveillance From LEOs »
The Department of Homeland Security is becoming exceedingly fearful of Christians who believe the Bible is God’s word, Christian “fundamentalists” (whatever those are), Americans who believe the country was founded on Godly principles and those who believe the Constitution stands as the law of the land. More »

The Wisdom Of My Butcher Father The Wisdom Of My Butcher Father »
My father, David Root, was a blue-collar butcher. But he was wise beyond his economic status in life. His wisdom of 40 years ago is still timely and points to the reasons for our economic crisis and decline today. A recent incident sums up everything wrong with the U.S. economy under Barack Obama. More »

Organized Labor: Still Statist Thugs After All These Years Organized Labor: Still Statist Thugs After All These Years »
After graduating law school, I began my practice with a firm in New Orleans in the late 1970s, and I was soon sent to Puerto Rico, a hotbed of union activity. I got my first taste of fighting unions there, and I learned they played for keeps when another labor lawyer was shot outside his hotel. More »

Nanny Statists Barack, Michelle And Michael Nanny Statists Barack, Michelle And Michael »
How large a soda people in New York can legally buy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to infringing on American's personal liberty. The real behemoth below the waterline has been built by President Barack Obama and the first lady. More »

What's In A Name? What's In A Name? »
To the best of my recollection, sometime in the 1990s, the corporate media welded "gun" to "violence," creating a rhetorical Frankenstein's monster. With the exception of former Attorney General Janet Reno's occasional combat operations against her fellow citizens, anytime a firearm featured into a crime, "gun violence" was blamed. More »

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