Sears now promoting bestiality on its website 07/11/12

I had no idea but in a report out by WND. Sears has added Bestiality to its line up of porn offered on their website. The situation has been documented by officials with the American Family Association. (Be aware that the link contains proof of Sears’ offerings with explicit images).
“Last year, Sears promised to stop selling these type products,” AFA said in its alert to constituents about the problem today. “In our subsequent monitoring of, AFA found that Sears resumed selling sexually explicit products.”
In a statement by the AFA, officials said, “Along with explicit nudity, Sears now adds bestiality to its website.”
It seems that those who support or engage in bestiality are offended that anyone would oppose their beliefs. Better they be in a Muslim nation where they would get their just deserves. These sick sorry people should just be put out of their misery as their perversions could cause kids or other innocents real harm. Or they can move to Iran where that sort of behavior is commonplace or return to Albania where they still have sex with dogs and sheep as well.
The statement continues, “After our last Action Alert in May, Sears assured AFA it was updating filtering equipment and enforcing strict guidelines to prevent sexually explicit products being available on their websites.
“AFA took Sears spokesman at their word and … we shouldn’t have. Sears made the same promise in 2010. They broke their word then too.
“Less than two months after Sears’ latest promise on May 2012, the pornography has returned,” the organization said.
It is the "throwbacks" like us who keep this country from becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. The prayers and actions of godly men & women help protect those that haven't yet submitted to God's plan for mankind.

Sears is catering to perverse and sick whackos. Obviously over the years it has been infiltrated by these dregs of society, who now run the company. The same is true of most other large companies and businesses, such as J.C.Penney and even Disneyland! If the intent of these corporate fools is to put themselves out of business, then they're doing a bang-up job. I will NEVER shop at their businesses again, in their stores or online.  And those of you who think we're running out of options are dead wrong. There are still plenty of "little guys" around the nation. Independent business owners who won't stoop to such disgusting, lowlife tactics. Let Sears know it can flush itself right down the toilet with the rest of the excrement!
I wonder if they're reviewing their employees who do the purchasing with these vendors? While the apology is a feeble start at making this right, it didn't just "happen". Someone representing Sears ordered that crap!
 web page lists a telephone number for Sears Chairman Edward Lampert...
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