Pope Pius XII: Secret Master of Stalin, Jesuit NKVD and its Katyn Massacre, 1940

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Pope Pius XII: Secret Master of Stalin, Jesuit NKVD and its Katyn Massacre, 1940

Polish Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski, 1930s

As covered in your Editor’s VAIII, the 1940 Katyn Massacre in the forests of the USSR was ordered by Polish Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski.  His agent, Pope Pius XII, carried out the massacre via the Jesuit-ruled, Soviet Secret Police formally called the NKVD, but nicknamed “the headhunters.”   These heartless spiritual bastards, of which Polish American Jesuit Walter Ciszek was a secret member, murdered in excess of 20,000 Polish Roman Catholic officers and policemen, shot in the back of the head. This crime would be blamed on Germany for over 50 years, calculated to further demoralize the plundered, “Cold War” German people.  This Jesuit blame was payback for the Protestant Reformation and Bismarck’s expulsion of the Society of Jesus and the Redemptorists (secret Jesuits) in 1872.  Indeed, another tragedy of the Order’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) was to falsely blame Germany for the Katyn Massacre.  With the Pope’s controlled International Press (BBC, AP, UPI, CBS, etc.) none ever broke the story of Rome’s responsibility for the massacre until the publication of your Editor’s Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends.”

Katyn Masscre by the NKVD, 1940

Your Editor remembers when stationed in West Germany (1974-77) that while on a tour of Bavaria, a Polish tour guide had much to say about Katyn.  The veteran stated that it was not the Germans, but the Soviets who murdered the manhood of his people in retribution for Stalin’s defeat during the Soviet-Polish War of 1922.  A former scout for the American Army, this dear man was most spirited in his description of the savage Soviets, who, when they invaded Poland in late 1944, gang-raped all the Polish women they could lay their hands on, twenty men to one woman!  The Pole hated the Soviets, as they also had betrayed the Polish people’s brave Warsaw Uprising in late 1944, the Red Army refusing to come to the promised aid of their Polish ally revolting against Nazi tyranny, resulting in the Nazi slaughter of another 200,000 Poles!

Stalin Signing the Death Lists Complied by his Overseeing Master, Alexander Poskrebyshev, 1930s

But as to the Katyn Massacre, the real reason for the genocide carried out by Jesuit Coadjutor Joseph Stalin under the all-seeing eye of his secret Jesuit adviser in the Kremlin, Alexander Poskrebyshev, was for two reasons.  First, Poland’s leading manhood had to be destroyed out of this most patriotic nation, lest true resistance would arise when millions of Jews were being sent into the country’s six death camps.  The long-awaited annihilation of the Jewish Pale of Settlement carried out by Jesuit brothers Hitler and Stalin could not be foiled!  There could be no men of honor leading their countrymen in stopping the Vatican’s “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” Secondly, once the manhood of Poland was wiped out, the nation could then be put under the boot of Stalin’s communism during the Cold War Hoax, aided by the Pope’s Roman Hierarchy who were all, in addition to the Russian Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, secret members of the KGB.  Once Poland’s manhood was crushed out, then Roman Catholic Poland could be separated from the “communist block,” after nearly 50 years of suffering, to then be reunited with its Roman Catholic brother nations of Europe—a Europe purged of its Protestants and Jews—composing the Pope’s European Union.

View the video and weep my dear Polish, Russian and German friends!


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