France: One killed during armed attack on Catholic missionary retirement...

At least one person has been killed in the village of Montferrier-Sur-Lez, north of Montpellier on Friday, after a gunman attacked a Catholic missionary retirement home, taking 70 monks and nuns hostage.

According to reports, a masked man burst into the Maison de Retraite des Missions Africaines retirement home, armed with a knife and a shotgun and took 70 of the monks and nuns hostage. Anti-terror police were immediately deployed to the African Missions Retirement home and sixty of the monks have reportedly been rescued.

Local media says that an elderly female supervisor was killed after she raised the alarm. Her body was found gagged and stabbed outside the building by police.

The attacker's motivations and whereabouts are still unknown. Police are searching for the suspect and have said that he could still be in the building. As of yet, noone has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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