AMAZING FACTS: The Antichrist Unity Agenda

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January 2015
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The Antichrist Unity Agenda

The year 2014 was an especially notable one for Pope Francis, and it appears this popular, charismatic leader is increasing in influence—reaching across the divide to join hands with powerful religious and political figures in the name of global unity. But what’s really going on?

In a recent YouTube video called Antichrist Unity Agenda, Pastor Doug Batchelor reviewed the past year’s biggest spiritual developments in light of Bible prophecy. Now, this Friday, January 16, at 5:00pm PT, he’ll host a special 60-minute presentation of Friday Night Live, discussing Antichrist Unity Agenda and taking your Bible questions!

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Please watch the videos below for helpful information regarding these fascinating events and then join Pastor Doug Friday night for Friday Night Live — Antichrist Unity Agenda!

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The Rapid Progression of Papal Power

In reviewing my notes from 2014, I was stunned by how many historic headlines we witnessed revealing a major progression of papal power.

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Pope Promotes Sunday

Pope Francis recently discouraged people from working on Sundays, speaking of the day as a traditional Christian holiday. Is this custom found in the Bible?

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Urgent Prophecy Alert!

At times the wheel of prophecy can seem to turn slowly, but it never jumps off track! We’ve seen incredible evidence of this recently when Pope Francis sent a personal message of unity to a large convocation of Pentecostal leaders. In Mark 13:36, Jesus warns us that the events of the end will happen suddenly. As you can see, that’s why now is the time to surrender our hearts to Christ and His everlasting gospel. Learn how Amazing Facts new plan will open eyes all over the world and win souls to the kingdom!

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Hating the Enemy

A recent video from Pope Francis appealing for unity with Protestants in America has gone viral. Many are asking, "Is this a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?" Click here for a special message from Pastor Doug Batchelor, which includes a link to his special video message directly addressing this event.

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