Asteroid YU55: the Reason for the FEMA & NASA Preparedness Program???

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Asteroid YU55: the Reason for the FEMA & NASA Preparedness Program???


This post is to keep you informed, and not to frighten you.  Indeed, at this time of increasing global consciousness the last emotion you want to have is fear.  And at the end of this article I’ll talk about this emotional aspect a little more.

Meanwhile, I think I have found out why FEMA and NASA sent out those Emergency Preparedness notices and fliers – see and

If you’ve read the FEMA flier – see the above link – you would be aware that FEMA is planning a Nationwide Emergency “test” Alarm via all forms of communication systems including radio and television.  The date for this “test” is November 9th, 2011.

As one person pointed out in the comments section, what an interesting date considering in countries such as Australia, we write November 9th as 9/11.

But I do think on this occasion that this one, November 9th or 9/11, is a coincidental date because of some information I stumbled across a couple of days ago.

In my post, I listed all the comets and all the asteroids that will be cruising around over the next 6 months, together with a link to their trajectories.

And when I explored all of these trajectories, to my amazement I discovered that it is not Comet Elenin that we have to be concerned about, it is asteroid YU 55.

Y – U (why you) indeed!

Unlike Elenin, this asteroid is heading extremely close to the Earth and our Moon.

It will travel BETWEEN the Earth and the Moon.

And it will be closest to the Earth and Moon on, you guessed it, November 8th and 9th - the same day as the US government Emergency services are preparing for their first national major Emergency “TEST”.  Or are they gearing up for what could be a fair dinkum event?

It is more than possible that it will be the latter.

Let’s talk about some details and then look at what it could all mean.

Asteroid YU 55 is 400 meters in diameter.  At 11.23pm on November 8th GMT/UT it will be at its closest position to the Earth.  At that time, it will be, as I said between the Moon and the Earth and only 0.00217 AU from the Earth.

Then at 7.13 am GMT/UT it will be only 0.00160  AU from the Moon.

By contrast, at its closest on October 17th, Elenin will be 0.232 AU.  This is a REALLY big difference.

NASA also gives the figure for YU 55 as 0.85 lunar distances from the Earth.  And the Moon is from 356,400 km to 406,700 km from the Earth depending on orbits.  You might recall that on March 19th this year there was a big fan-fare because the moon was closer to us than it had been for years.

If you read my Comet Elenin blog – – you’d know that an AU is equal to the distance from the Earth to the Sun.  This is almost 150 million kilometers – 149,598,000 kilometers to be more precise, and with something, like YU 55, this close to us precise figures are important.  And in miles, this is just a tad under 93 million miles .

Now even though I have a calculator, once too many decimal points get involved, I just never trust my answers.  So I have given you the raw data, and I would now love someone to work out what 0.00160  AU and 0.00217 AU  represents in kilometers and miles.

There are some things I am VERY good at, but I am always prepared to admit my limitations.  And it is essential with this one that the figures are correct.  So if you can work out these figures for us all, I would be extremely appreciative.  Just put them in the comment box at the bottom of the page.


Our good friend NASA has a news page on YU 55 –

NASA finishes off their article with the following – and I quote:

Although classified as a potentially hazardous object, 2005 YU55 poses no threat of an Earth collision over at least the next 100 years. However, this will be the closest approach to date by an object this large that we know about in advance and an event of this type will not happen again until 2028 when asteroid (153814) 2001 WN5 will pass to within 0.6 lunar distances.

And they also have its trajectory applet on

Whilst in my Elenin post I kept saying that gravitation would not be an issue no matter what people were saying.  But things are different with YU 55.

Now IF it stays on course, yes it will just slip past us – no worries. But we should get a good look at it.

However, the trajectory figures can’t be 100% accurate and so it is definitely possible that the gravitational pull of the Earth on the asteroid could pull it off course and pull it onto the Earth somewhere.

And this would happen early on November 9th – the very same day as the FEMA has choosen to “test” all their Emergency Services – what an amazing coincidence :-) .

The other even stronger possibility is that even though the gravity on the Moon is very weak, there is still some gravity, and so YU 55 could be pulled off course by the Moon and crash into the Moon’s surface.   After all, it will travel a little closer to the Moon than to Earth.

Yet again, if we all hold our breath and put our tongues in the right place it could cruise gently, albeit quickly, by.

All three scenarios are possible. Yet I am amazed that virtually no one is talking about YU 55 and those that are mentioning it are just saying that it will merely drift closely by.  Meanwhile, everyone is still so focused on Comet Elenin even though it will be so much further away.

Nevertheless, I’d put money on it, even though I am not a betting person, that the November 9th US National Emergency “Test” is being prepared just in case there is a genuine emergency on November 9th .

What Does All this Mean to US?

If YU 55 hits the moon, the impact will be incredible and extremely visible from the Earth.

This impact could well be the “blue star” we are to see in the sky at the end of this age, that the Hopi speak of.

Then immediately afterwards, we could have the Hopis’ predicted 3 days of darkness as the fall-out from the impact blocks out the sun for several days until it all settles down a bit.

By contrast, if YU 55 hits the Earth let’s hope it hits a land mass, even though if it hits the wrong part of land, hundreds or even millions of people would be killed.

However, if it hits the ocean then it will cause a gigantic Tsunami affecting so many more people in so many more places.

I’m afraid the Earthly impact options aren’t real flash.

So whilst a lot of people are saying that Comet Elenin will have a spiritual effect on us – and I believe that to be true – it is Asteroid YU 55 that we have to be concerned about.

If we are OK on November 10th, well that will be another hurdle we’ll all have crossed.

Preparation and Spiritual Aspects

At the beginning of this article I said not to be afraid.  And, of course, words are easy to write, but I’m well aware that if a threat like this is heading our way that can be easier said than done.

In another week or so I plan to write articles here on my blog about Prophecies; Preparation; and also a Spiritual Perspective – or Cosmic Consciousness.

I haven’t spoken much in the past about a spiritual perspective, but I think that the time has now come to do that.

But first, I have another couple of weeks of chores to complete, and then I’ll be able to get to those articles properly.

You might recall that I have said on a number of occasions that this is the time to “get your house in order”.  And that’s what I have to finish doing first.

Meanwhile, it will be an understanding of the prophecies, combined with the right cosmic consciousness, or spiritual consciousness, that can make this time one of excitement and not fear, no matter what lies ahead.

It is also important for me to add here that the Earth will not come to an end.  It will still have the same trees and flowers and grass as always.  However, there could be some changes and I’ll talk about that next time.

Before I conclude though, let’s just have a quick think about our Moon – because it is very interesting.

Our Moon

The Earth’s Moon is the largest Moon relative to the size of its Planet (our Earth) than any other full planet’s Moon in the Solar System.  It is the overall 5th largest Moon.

So why have we got such a large Moon?

It is said in some of the ancient texts that there was a time that Earth had no moon.  And if you go back in time that would make logical sense.

And so maybe the time has come for us to not have a moon once again.

Our Moon not only affects the tides and oceans and to a degree, our climate; but it also affects our emotions, our thoughts, our moods and so forth.  Yes, our Moon has an effect on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Anyone who has done night shift work, as I have, is well aware of the truth in the fact that people do strange things when there is a full moon.

So if we had no Moon, there are many who suggest that the Earth could become a far more peaceful, calm, and more loving and balanced place on which to live.

So perhaps as this age comes to an end, something like Asteroid YU 55 will knock our Moon off its perch and off its orbit of the Earth so that we can begin our new age of peace and bliss.

Who knows?

Just remember that there are always many ways to look at the one situation.

And as I said in the very beginning, the very worst way to look at anything, especially at this time is to focus on the negative.  I’ll explain in my forthcoming article on the spiritual aspects that it is essential that we keep our personal harmonic vibrations as high as possible.  And this is best done with happy, loving, and positive thoughts and actions.


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