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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 14, 2013
Did The Media Not Mention The NRA In Nascar Race Coverage?
There were rampant rumors that the mainstream media would not mention the NRA while covering this weekend's big "NRA 500" in Texas. Could the press have deemed the pro-gun group's sponsorship of the race was too controversial? TheBlaze looked into the rumors and compared media coverage of this race with other NASCAR events. See what we uncovered HERE.
Melissa Harris-Perry Doubles Down On Her MSNBC 'Kids' Promo
MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry on Saturday strongly reaffirmed the sentiment behind her recent promotional ad for the network in which she declared that children are part of the collective. Addressing the outcry on her show Saturday morning, Harris-Perry said it would be “too easy” to simply dismiss that some people are just “haters.” Watch the clip HERE.

After the Senate voted this week to begin debate on the new gun control bill, “Saturday Night Live” brought up Sens. “Joe Manchin” (D-W. Va.) and “Pat Toomey” (R-Pa.) to explain some of the compromise they worked out. But their “compromise” turned out to be a series of absurd provisions. Watch the show's opening segment HERE.

Josh Hamilton's bestselling biography details his return to baseball after falling into a life of drugs and alcohol. Take a swing at this inspiring story of rebirth and redemption (for just $3.79) right HERE.

The recent announcement from the Associated Press that it was dropping the term “illegal immigrant” or “illegal” to describe people residing in the U.S. against the law was met with strong reaction, particularly on Fox News. On Friday, TheBlaze’s Jon Seidl noticed the network slipped the term “undocumented” — rather than “illegal” — onto the screen during “America Live with Megyn Kelly.” See what our eagle-eyed colleague caught and tweeted out to the world HERE.

Neighbors in a village on Spain’s Canary Islands called the authorities worrying what might be inside an abandoned house. What the police found was a nearly 22-foot wasp nest thought to house millions of the stinging insects. See the photos that have many in TheBlaze newsroom shuddering HERE.

Pro-Abstinence Speech At Public School Makes Some Parents Angry
Speaker Pam Stenzel presents the consequences of premarital sex with a pro-abstinence edge in her assemblies at many schools. Earlier this week, Pam spoke with students at George Washington High School and Riverside High School in West Virginia. While administrators and many parents were fine with the program, some parents and students have reacted quite negatively to the presentation, one calling it "slut shaming." Is Ms. Stenzel's approach to teen sex too strong? Watch a typical speech Pam Stenzel HERE.
Cop Fired For Bringing Trayvon Martin Targets To Gun Range
A Florida police sergeant has been fired after he brought paper targets resembling slain teen Trayvon Martin to shooting practice. Port Canaveral Police Sgt. Ron King was leading a training practice on April 4 when he brought out two targets resembling Martin — a silhouette carrying iced tea and Skittles, which the teen was said to be carrying when he was shot and killed. Watch the local television coverage of this story HERE.

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Shocking surveillance video appears to show a Nebraska bus driver punching a passenger over and over before dragging him off the bus and abandoning him on the side of a road. See the video of the now-fired bus driver attacking a passenger HERE. 

From TheBlaze Blog: 50 Of The Weirdest Laws In The U.S.
Did you know that it's against the law to swear at players or officials at sporting events in Massachusetts? If you did not know that, it is also likely that you were unaware that picking up seaweed at night on the beaches of New Hampshire is illegal (but only at night). Learn about the 48 other strange laws from across the country in the very clever video seen HERE.
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