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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 12, 2013
Hollywood Actor Takes On Gun Control And Gun Buybacks
Dean Cain is best known for his iconic role as Superman in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” among other television and film appearances. Of late, though, it seems the actor’s conservative views on issues like gun control are making headlines. On Wednesday, Cain extended his political involvement when he issued a very simple statement on Twitter. See what he wrote HERE.
Maryland Has A 'Rain Tax' (We're Not Kidding)
On the heels of Maryland’s decision to enact tough new gun laws, the ironically nicknamed state (the “Free State”) will now impose a so-called “rain tax” on its residents. The “storm management fee,” passed by the state legislature in 2012, will go into effect following a decree from Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley. Learn the history of this legislation and see what's included in the "rain tax" HERE.

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s show on TheBlaze TV Thursday, Penn Jillette revealed that MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell actually wants to meet Beck. If you can believe it, O’Donnell also reportedly told Jillette he and Beck have a lot in common. Watch the clip from last night's show HERE.

With all of the recent attention focused on the topic of gun control, we wanted to know more about your feelings on the topic of the proposed changes to the Second Amendment. We invite you to participate in our latest poll on the Senate gun bill. You are also welcome to propose questions of your own (we reserve the right to approve or reject any question). Take the poll HERE.

Alexander Heit’s final text cut off in mid-sentence. Before he could send it, police say the 22-year-old University of Northern Colorado student drifted into oncoming traffic, jerked the steering wheel and went off the road, rolling his car. Heit died shortly after the April 3 crash, but his parents and police are hoping the photo of the mundane text on his iPhone will serve as a stark reminder to drivers. See the photo of these "last words" HERE.

The latest horrific revelation to surface in the trial of an unlicensed doctor performing illegal abortions in Philadelphia are beyond shocking. On Thursday, a woman who is now 22 years old, talked of assisting in the killing of babies that were still alive after being aborted. Get the rest of this chilling story HERE.

Ted Nugent Tells CNN; 'I Don't Trust The Government'
On Thursday night, sporting a graying beard and his signature camouflage hat, rocker and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent dismissed the Senate’s gun control bill as a “feel-good measure” that won’t stop any shootings. Towards the end of his interview on CNN, Nugent recommended that Attorney General Eric Holder be arrested for gun trafficking. Watch the segment HERE.
Brave Colorado State Senators Mock The State's New Gun Laws 
All 15 Republican members of the Colorado State Senate stood together to jab at their state's new laws by wearing T-shirts from Glenn Beck’s 1791 clothing line. The shirts read, “The Gun Debate — Settled Since 1791.” See the photo and learn how it was organized HERE.

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Look, we know this doesn’t really qualify as “news," but sometimes it’s nice to forget about some things like America’s $16.8 trillion national debt, nearly 7.6 percent unemployment and deflating dollar — even if it’s only for a little more than a minute.  Watch it HERE. 

NFL QB Kurt Warner On God's Grace & Power (And His New Show)
This week, USA Network launched a new reality program. However it’s not what you might think. Rather than featuring bickering, cursing and other edgy aims at entertaining the masses,“The Moment” will take an entirely different tone. Hosted by former football great Kurt Warner, the program will be inspirational in nature, giving nine participants a second change to pursue their dream job. TheBlaze spoke recently with Warner to learn more about his role in the show. Check out our interview with Warner and see highlights from the show HERE.
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