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Saturday, April 13, 2013
WEEK IN REVIEW: The top stories of the week

Obama Admits That Medicare and Social Security Are Going Bust
President Obama’s proposed budget targets seniors. It proposes a different way of calculating the consumer price index. The new way will produce lower CPI figures. Why is this important to the budget? Because Social Security and Medicare have built-in cost-of-living adjustments. By lowering the official CPI figure, which is used to calculate benefits, the government [...] READ MORE

Gun Show Background Checks: Senate Bill Is Getting Closer
With liberal media fanfare, the Senate bill to mandate background checks at gun shows is getting closer to a vote. If this bill becomes law, it will gun down gun shows. If you can’t buy a gun without a background check, you can’t buy a gun at a gun show. The show will be over [...] READ MORE

Knife Control Lobby Considers Response to Knifings at a Texas College
The brutal, senseless knifing of a dozen students at a community college in Texas has mobilized the knife control movement. The authorities moved in fast. Here is one report. Cy-Fair ISD secured the several campuses as a precaution during the chaos. Those schools were Aragon Middle, Postma Elementary, Fiest Elementary, Copeland Elementary, Birkes Elementary, Rennell [...] READ MORE

Ammo Rationing Is Here
Ammunition is in such short supply (at today’s prices) that police departments in east Texas are not able to buy it. Officers are not issued ammunition. They have to buy their own. There is something strange with a market when any item becomes so scarce that rationing is required. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer would [...] READ MORE

Backfire on Obama — Gun Control
How serious are Americans about buying guns? Enough to apply for a background check to buy one. How many Americans have applied for a background check since the day Obama was inaugurated? Go on. Guess. The answer: over 70 million. Think about this. Over 70 million adult Americans went to the trouble of identifying themselves [...] READ MORE
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