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Thursday, April 11, 2013
Ron Paul’s Online Curriculum: I’m Director of Curriculum Development.
The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online, homeschool curriculum like nothing else ever assembled: a free market-based curriculum with a core course, the history of Western civilization. I am assembling the curriculum. Dr. Tom Woods (Meltdown) is working with me. On September 2, the site will post its first high school courses: personal finance, English, [...] READ MORE

Obama Admits That Medicare and Social Security Are Going Bust
President Obama’s proposed budget targets seniors. It proposes a different way of calculating the consumer price index. The new way will produce lower CPI figures. Why is this important to the budget? Because Social Security and Medicare have built-in cost-of-living adjustments. By lowering the official CPI figure, which is used to calculate benefits, the government [...] READ MORE

Gun Show Background Checks: Senate Bill Is Getting Closer
With liberal media fanfare, the Senate bill to mandate background checks at gun shows is getting closer to a vote. If this bill becomes law, it will gun down gun shows. If you can’t buy a gun without a background check, you can’t buy a gun at a gun show. The show will be over [...] READ MORE

Another Federal Housing Bailout: FHA Needs $943 Million
The FHA is almost out of money, so the federal government is going to tax or borrow almost a billion dollars, so that the subsidies can continue. You wouldn’t want a free market in housing would you? You would not want supply and demand to set the price of homes, would you? Of course not. [...] READ MORE

Knife Control Lobby Considers Response to Knifings at a Texas College
The brutal, senseless knifing of a dozen students at a community college in Texas has mobilized the knife control movement. The authorities moved in fast. Here is one report. Cy-Fair ISD secured the several campuses as a precaution during the chaos. Those schools were Aragon Middle, Postma Elementary, Fiest Elementary, Copeland Elementary, Birkes Elementary, Rennell [...] READ MORE

The $100 Bill: Black Market Money Around the World
I have been writing about this for almost 40 years. America’s currency is used mostly outside the USA. Currency withdrawn from the U.S. banking system that is not re-deposited shrinks the M1 money supply. It reverses the fractional reserve process. It shrinks the money supply. At the 1974 Austrian scholars’ conference held at South Royalton, [...] READ MORE

Keynesian Leaders Demand More Deficits to Avoid Recession.
George Soros has said that Europe will go into recession this year if governments adopt austerity, i.e., do not run huge deficits. Our new Secretary of the Treasury has demanded the same thing. Keynesians love two things: national government deficits and central bank counterfeiting to fund these deficits. Their mantra is this: “Deficits and digits.” [...] READ MORE

Mandatory National Sex Education Proposed
No more parental control! No more voluntatism! No more out-of-wedlock birth! Do these follow? No. The opposite follows. But that does not stop this guy, who writes for the Huffington Post, the journal that puts the jerk into knee-jerk liberal. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says one in five births [...] READ MORE

Gold As Legal Tender for States
In a dozen states, there are bills to make gold legal tender. Nothing much will come of this. First, the concept of legal tender is anti-free market. A state should not declare anything as legal tender. It should limit itself to declaring the proper currency for the payment of taxes. Second, most of these bills [...] READ MORE

How the Big Banks Stripped Cyprus Clean Before the Collapse
The big banks in the eurozone started pulling money out of Cyprus’ banks a year before the ultimatum. They made sure they got paid. Then the European Central Bank announced the ultimatum. At first, all depositors were to take the loss, but the parliament refused. So, they got the big depositors. These were private depositors. [...] READ MORE
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